Wet/Gummy Cake-Like Texture

The recipe technically calls to bake the bread in a preheated dutch oven (I use a casserole dish because I don’t own a dutch oven), but the dough is so sticky that if I preheat the dish and transfer the dough to it once it’s preheated, I find that the dough deflates and I get a flat loaf. I tried baking the bread for a bit longer, but the outside burned and got stuck to the sides of the casserole dish. This time, I let the dough rise in the dish, and I made sure that the outer layer of the dough stayed moist while it was proofing/rising for the second time. I also tried to cut slits in the bread to help it rise, but the dough was too wet and sticky and it didn’t work very well. I also brushed the lid with water and the top of the loaf with water and oil right before putting it into the oven. I baked the bread for 5 minutes longer with the lid on, and once I took the lid off, I cooked it until the crust looked like it would burn if I left it in a minute longer. When I cut into the loaf, however, the texture is still gummy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Baking a cake in a Dutch oven at 230 degrees with the lid open and then closed in between times removing the steam lid may prevent gummy cake.
  • In baking, an internal temperature check should always be performed when checking for doneness.
  • When baking cake to prevent gummy texture, try cooking the cake in a Dutch oven for over 2 hours and let it set until the next day.

Everything is fine but internal is wet gummy and not really like moist bread should be.

Read more: http://www.thefreshloaf.com/node/53801/wetgummy-cake-texture

Wet/Gummy Cake-Like Texture

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